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About The Artist



Hello! My name is Tessa Newsome and I am very happy that you have decided to look through my work!

Creative Director, Illustrator and Game Designer.

I worked professionally for 10 years as an Illustrator then went to Columbus College of Art and Design to gain more ways to tell stories. I gained a Game Art and Design Bachelors Degree in 2024 and have designed and released two games. I design for tabletop and video games.


My work is based strongly around emotional storytelling, the stories of life and the complications within the act of living mentally and physically for those that may feel like they do not belong. Navigation, confusion and acceptance are major themes shown throughout my work.

Also, I love helping other people create their stories by offering my guidance and expertise using my background of business and social aspects of being an independent artist.


I am highly motivated and inspired by the amazing artwork and stories that have arisen from Indie creators the past decade. Anime, shows, movies and most importantly games. Games that have a beautiful, unique artstyle and mix it with an incredible narrative. Games like Gris, Night in the Woods, Beginners Guide and The Cat Lady. My goal is to create many narratively and art driven games to inspire, relate and create a sense of community for those that need it.

If you have any Commission Questions or Business Inquiries please email me at

Kalalla Illustrations

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