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2019: Kalalla Opens Online Storefront

2019: Debuts D.A.T. Boutique/Merges Storefront with Kalalla

January 2020: Monster Concept Artist for Cancelled Project

February-March 2020: Participated in Treat Yourself Zine

November 2020:

Store Relaunch

Participated in Spyro: Year of the Dragon Collab 

Started as Director for Agents of the Nerdy Podcast

December 2020: Started Streaming as a Vtuber

Febuary 2021: 'Eye Love You' (First Clothing) Collection Released

June 2021: leveled Stream Up and Became Affiliate

August 20th 2021: Debuted Kalalla into the Vtuber Community 

August 2021: Starts at Columbus College of Art and Design (Game Art and Design Degree)

October 15th 2021: Participated in first 24 hr Animation Jam (Team Squid Squad -> Click Here for Animation 

November 4 - 14th 2021: Hosted first Annual Lalavember Creator Con 

January 2022: DAT Rebranding

March 30-April 4th 2022:

First Gallery Exhibit (Assembled Identities held in Byer Gallery in Columbus, Ohio) Featuring: 'Songs of Crossroads' -> Click Here for Website

May 13th 2022:

Exhibited in Chroma (CCAD End of Year Festival)

May 27th - 29th 2022:

First Con (FanBoy Expo Columbus, Ohio)

May 30th 2022

Youtube Channels Open ( Kalalla Animations and Kalalla )

September 30th 2022

Agents of Geekdom Network Debuts (Becomes Manager for Network

Recruits Evra to DAT Team

January 4th 2023

Game Internship for Freestyle Komics

Kalalla Illustrations

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