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2019: Kalalla Opens Online Storefront

2019: Debuts D.A.T. Boutique/Merges Storefront with Kalalla

January 2020: Monster Concept Artist for Cancelled Project

February-March 2020: Participated in Treat Yourself Zine

November 2020:

Store Relaunch

Participated in Spyro: Year of the Dragon Collab 

Started as Director for Agents of the Nerdy Podcast

December 2020: Started Streaming as a Vtuber

Febuary 2021: 'Eye Love You' (First Clothing) Collection Released

June 2021: leveled Stream Up and Became Affiliate

August 20th 2021: Debuted Kalalla into the Vtuber Community 

August 2021: Starts at Columbus College of Art and Design (Game Art and Design Degree)

October 15th 2021: Participated in first 24 hr Animation Jam (Team Squid Squad -> Click Here for Animation 

November 4 - 14th 2021: Hosted first Annual Lalavember Creator Con 

January 2022: DAT Rebranding

March 30-April 4th 2022:

First Gallery Exhibit (Assembled Identities held in Byer Gallery in Columbus, Ohio) Featuring: 'Songs of Crossroads' -> Click Here for Website

May 13th 2022:

Exhibited in Chroma (CCAD End of Year Festival)

May 27th - 29th 2022:

First Con (FanBoy Expo Columbus, Ohio)

May 30th 2022

Youtube Channels Open ( Kalalla Animations and Kalalla )

September 30th 2022

Agents of Geekdom Network Debuts (Becomes Manager for Network

Recruits Evra to DAT Team

January 4th 2023

Game Internship for Freestyle Komics

May 10th 2024

Columbus College of Art and Design Chroma

Released Ramen Rivals the board game

Released The Fool

Kalalla Illustrations

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