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Half Body: $300 + USD (2 Slots)

Full Body: $400 + USD (2 Slots)

Vtuber Models


  • This is a MODEL I will not be rigging it

  • I will include a NUDE Doll model so you can upgrade them in the future, you will also receive the PSD file with EVERY layer. This way it is easy to upgrade, give new hairstyles, expressions, outfits, props etc. I will also include the mouth layer to have teeth, tongue (again easy to upgrade later)

  • Will include a standard expression and one other expression, all other expressions will be + $10

  • May cost extra depending on the complexity of the hair, clothes, model. 

  • Props will be + $20

  • These will be front facing models
    (I offer Character Ref Sheets as a separate Commission just let me know if that's what you want)

  • I am willing to draw fur, and some mechs and all different body types!



Kalalla Illustrations

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